Team-up with the best people working for you web-designer , webdeveloper , digital marketing , social media and content writer for online collaboration 24/7 access.



What you think is what you get. We create and give advice so your online presence is constantly at the top level in business online. Website is constantly innovation to be in the market place in business.



Innovation and support onepagewebsite are ready to help you stay at the top level. To innovation in the change business evolution. Outsourcing your task with the best people here in Philippines.



We help small and medium scale of business move on in digital age. 1pagewebsite is a powerful digital marketing strategies to communicate 24/7 across the globe. With the help of 1pagewebsite you can received emails , calls and links to your potential prospect that wants your services and products. Operate your business both physical and cyber to adopt changes and innovation. 8 benefit you need to know about 1pagewebsite.

1.)Build Your Online Presence
1pagewebsite is a powerful place to start, or improve your presence on the world wide web.

2.)Public Profile
Visitors can easily recognized your services and products online.

3.)Market Your Business
Empower awareness for your business with a 1pagwebsite, simple and elegant page.

4.)Search Engine Ready
Put your brand name using smart domain-name for easy search query in google ranking.

5.)Personal , Professional and Business Homepage
No need to know code or build your own site. Let us help you customized your needs. It is build-up with the state of the art called the Content Management Systems. You will be using similar as microsoftword or wordpad editor.

6.)Intouch Point of Contact
Stay organized using 1pagewebsite by putting all your important links in one place.

7.)Mobile Ready
Your website is able to response to any devices such as ipad , tablet , android and many more . . . Traditional website doesn’t response to any devices.

8.)Get Connect
Easily your get connected with your new clients and repeated customer with links in social media plugins. Ecommerce ready for your business. Click and order online.

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Our Team



Webdeveloper & Digital Marketing

Think and innovate the website. Skilled in CMS technology and digital marketing. Business promotion and innovations.



PHP Programmer

PHP programmer and code innovation to advancement the functions of the website.



Web Security

Administrator and network security systems.

"Get connected online 24/7 using onepagewebsite. "


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Speed-up your information advertisement using onepagewebsite campaign. Onepage website is easy and simple to update. It is the fastest trend in the web. Your website is mobile friendly.



Webdesign is the brochure and calling of your business. They are simple and elegant so your customer knows what you are selling your services and products online. We help customized your website using template ready to go.



Helping you add more customized functions of your website application. This are the brain logic and condition of your website. Integration and modules are the key elements to run your 1pagewebsite in artificial intelligence.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Content is the king in marketing your information services and products online. We target your content that are search engine friendly promoting your content at the best top ranking in the market place. Contents are written creatively so you are on the spotlight of google. Helping your website promote more traffic and leads online.



Promote your business using ecommerce friendly. Add more sales and profit with a small cost of investment to run a business online. We help customized your ecommerce website functionality and logic. Digital selling has been the fast trend in business today. Operate your business in digital business.

From the Blog

Cebu webdesign services by 1pagewebsite

Thousand of talented skills her in Cebu Philippines and all of them speak english. The outsourcing job here in Philippines has exploded in thousands jobs in the nations. The easy access of the internet has given jobs for all the filippinos. One of the core hub for outsourcing is Cebu skills and talents are here.

1pagewebsite services offer you all templates you need using the themeforest templates where all the talented skilled webdesigner gather together and sell their theme to the merchant using the themeforest.

Most of othe companies today are using template webdesign. Why fast turn over and beautiful customized desgin. What you see on the design is what you get. Most of the template are tested and less bugs.

We offer servives to customized the template ready to go. Most of the common use website are wordpress , joomla and drupal. For ecommerce woocommerces , opencart and magento are highly use depend of the needs of the ecommerce store. I read in the newspaper recently that most of the filipinos are shopping online to save the cost and comfortable.

Again 1pagewebsite cebu webdesign services offer you best services for your webdesign because all templates are unlimited from A to Z theme we are partner with the best template webdesign with all varities you needs. From construction , baking , lawyers , business , onlinestore and many more.

Business here in Cebu Philippines is massively booming at a fast speed. With the help of webdsign for your business. I advise you to take action if your website design is old and need mobile friendly theme this will hep your clients view your website in a friendly way.

8 reason why i need a 1pagewebsite for my business?

1.)Improve your information services online.

Everybody are searching online information in the internet. The fact is from age age 3 and above everybody are surfing online. Most of the customer will ask you do you have a website ? Your answer is NO. Customer satisfaction is important to keep the business moving forward.


2.) Website are best advertising.

Your 1pagewebsite is your online calling card information where all your information can be read such as frequently ask questions , your company profile , updated photos of your professional works and products , testimony of the clients , social media online access , chat support  , webform and many more . . .


3.) People will search your business online.

Sooner or later, someone’s going to type your name or business into the google  search  engine. What do you want them to find? Empty information which is a bad sign for your clients, and your competition. These are people who want to find you. They are looking for what you are selling, and if you don’t have a Website you will be straggling in your digital marketing. Information can move anywhere simply by typing your computer keyboard and your mobile phone.

For many people, you might as well not existed in digital world if you can’t be found in google search engine.

Questions to ask:

– Can you run your business without a phone? In this “Information Age” we live in being online anywhere from desktop , ipad , iphone and all digital phones.              

 4.) Business is always 24/7 .

Traditional business operate from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. but with your 1pagewebsite business is always. Visitor can just read your product and services. Also you can use media videos if needed for your product and services.  


5.) Share Basic Business Information

People use the google to find quick answers to basic questions. What are your product and services? What is your phone number or email address? These are the basic of frequently ask questions  called customer inquiry marketing.  GET STARTED TODAY! Move your information thru your Website if you do not already have one, and make sure that people can actually find it in the search engines and directories specially in the google business map.


6.) Affordable Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing materials, like newspapers, direct mail campaigns and magazine ads- the cost alot of money. Meanwhile when you have a 1pagewebsite you can add many content as you like. Simply by optimized it in a search engine target so your information can be easily found when people search important information.


 7.) Mobile friendly.

Website must be mobile friendly because most people today are constantly browsing in their mobile phone aside from desktop. With mobile optimization your information can easily adjust from different devices such as ipad , iphone , sumsung , and many more mobile phone.


 8.) Get wider market.

Your website will provide an alternative location to sell in the Philippines nationwide and outside the country. As a retailer, a website (eCommerce) is a great place to sell your products to a wider market; even services can be made available globally. You can also link your social media to your website to gain traffic.

How to transfering your Domain Name in 1pagewebsite

Before starting the transfer, you must:

  1. Contact your existing registrar to unlock your domain and get the authorization code.
  2. Make your administrative contact public.

Start the process:

  1. Type your domain name in the box below and click the red arrow to proceed.
  2. Check the box labeled “Yes, I’m authorized to initiate the transfer of registrar.” and click “continue”.
  3. Follow the prompts on your screen to start the transfer request.

What happens next:

  1. We’ll send you an e-mail containing a link to an identity verification page.
  2. Once we verify your identity and confirm that you are the domain’s rightful owner, we’ll contact your current registrar to request release of your domain.
  3. The entire process typically takes just 7 to 10 days.
  4. Current 1&1 customers can conveniently view their transfer status directly from their 1&1 Control Panel.


What is the different in addon domain and park domain in 1pagewebsite

An Addon Domain is a domain name which points to its own folder within public_html and appears as a separate website from your primary domain.

  • This allows you to have two separate Web sites on your account. You can have a cars1.com and then a candy2.com as an add-on domain. The candy2.com would be a completely separate Web site and visitors would not know that it is part of your cars1.com account.


Parked Domain is a domain name that points to your main Web site on your account

For example, if cars.com is your main Web site, you can purchase the cars.net and assign it as a parked domain so that if a visitor were to type cars.net they would see the same Web site as if they had typed cars.com

Billion blinks in google eyes

The future glass technology is moving rapidly give access to all the world that information are a blink of the eyes without boundaries. We can see on the video that  google is the best information resources in advance research. Now the future times are moving so rapidly all the people will submit the king of information the google access world called one world of sharing information using the eyes with a billions of people blinking the information.

We customized 1pagewebsite application

Business communication help both the developers and clients customized your needs. With a thousands of modules we can help you choose the right ingredience for your business. This are some of the functionality examples of your web-applications. Their are thousands and millions that are not yet been develop. Email us today!

User management

  • User Registration – Depending on site configuration, user registration can either be carried out completely online by site visitors (with new accounts moderated by a site administrator if desired) or only by invitation from a site administrator.
  • User Authentication – Users can log into the site using local authentication (via a database back-end) or using an external authentication source like Jabber, Blogger, LiveJournal or another Drupal website. For use on an intranet, Drupal can integrate with an LDAP server (which includes Microsoft’s Active Directory).
  • Personalization – Drupal provides a robust personalization environment for logged in users. Both the content and the presentation can be individualized based on user-defined preferences.
  • Role based permission system – Drupal administrators don’t have to tediously setup permissions for each user. Instead, they assign permissions to roles and then group like users into role groups.

Content management

  • Easy “codeless” content entry – all site content can be altered via web-browser based forms featuring a word processor-esque input capability and featuring “AJAX” usability advances. For advanced users, entry of raw XHTML and other data is supported.
  • Polls, Surveys, and Questionnaires – Drupal comes with a host of interactive modules for getting input from your site’s users, enabling admins and/or users to create polls, surveys, and even multi-page questionnaires and show them on various pages.
  • Threaded comments – Drupal provides a powerful threaded comment model for enabling discussion on published content be it stories, news articles, forum entries, etc. Comments are hierarchical as in a newsgroup or forum and can be enabled, disabled, and moderated as desired by administrators.
  • Version control – G version control system tracks the details of content updates including who changed it, what was changed, the date and time of changes made and more. Version control features provide an option to keep a comment log and enables you to roll-back content to an earlier version.
  • Webform – Build your own customized webform using the functionality select  box tools.


  • Personal Blogs – users can create and maintain their own personal blogs if allowed to do so by site administrators.
  • Blogger API support – The Blogger API allows your Drupal site to be updated by many different tools. This includes non-web browser based tools that provide a richer editing environment.
  • Content syndication – Drupal exports your site’s content in RDF/RSS format for others to gather. This lets anyone with a “News Aggregator” such as NetNewsWire or Radio UserLand browse your Drupal site from the comfort of their desktop.
  • News aggregator – Drupal has a powerful built-in News Aggregator for reading and blogging news from other sites. The News Aggregator caches articles to your MySQL database and its caching time is user configurable.
  • Permalinks – All content created in Drupal has a permanent link or “perma link” associated with it so people can link to it freely without fear of broken links.


  • We use the Linux  platform – Drupal was designed from the start to be multi-platform.  Drupal running on Linux platforms.
  • Written in PHP – Drupal is written in the ubiquitous PHP scripting language, the most widely used (and best known) web scripting language on the net by a wide margin. It is fast, versatile, secure and platform independent.
  • Database independence – While many of our users run Drupal with MySQL, we knew that MySQL wasn’t the solution for everyone. Drupal is built on top of a database abstraction layer that enables you to use Drupal with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Other SQL databases can be supported by writing a supporting database backend containing fourteen functions and creating a matching SQL database scheme.

Administration and analysis

  • Analysis, Tracking and Statistics – Drupal can print browser-based reports with information about referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate your site.
  • Accountability: Logging and Reporting – All important activities and system events are captured in an event log to be reviewed by an administrator at a later time.
  • Web based administration – Drupal can be administered entirely using a web browser, making it possible to access it from around the world and requires no additional software to be installed on your computer.

Community features

  • Discussion forums – Full discussion forum features are built into Drupal to create lively, dynamic community sites.
  • Integrated mailing lists – Mailing lists integrated with forum and user groups allow users to receive emails from the site, and in some cases to contribute content and forum postings via email.
  • Email Alerts – Many aspects of Drupal will notify users via email (configurable on a per user basis) when they change or are updated.
  • Wiki Functionality – Drupal offers a full suite of Wiki capabilities (the best known example of a Wiki is Wikipedia), taking collaborative content generation to a new level.

Performance and scalability

  • Caching – The caching mechanism eliminates database queries increasing performance and reducing the server’s load. Not only can the caching be tuned in real time, while your site is under load, but it has been successfully tested under a “slashdotting” and performed extremely well.

How to withdraw your paypal in Chinabank ?

1.) Login to your paypal account.

2.) Go to your your profile and add bank account using your China bank account number. Make sure you enter right bank code and swift code then verified the account.

3.) Add your ChinaBank account number. Make sure they are correct.

4.) To withdraw your dollar account. Click withdraw then choose your deposit currency. Peso or dollar.

5.) Click continue to the amount of money you want to withdraw.

6.) Submit your request. Make sure you don’t change your mind when you click submit because it cannot be edited anymore.

7.) Working days in China Bank is between 2-4 days. Process the withdrawal on Monday or Tuesday so you can received within the week.

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Note: The exact availability of your withdrawal is subject to your bank’s processing schedules and funds availability policies. If you have any questions, please contact your bank’s customer service department.

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